The Bloodwitch series is an LGBTQIA+ Dark Fantasy told from the point of view of Charlie Carroway, a survivor of child sexual abuse living with Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD). In the brutal underbelly of the city of Penumbra, nothing comes without a price. When an old enemy sets their sights on his family, the fiercely protective Charlie plunges into a world of witch covens, prison breaks, and dangerous conspiracies, in a desperate race against time to rescue them. Amidst new allies and confusing feelings, Charlie is determined to save everyone – but who will be there to protect him?

A Silent Night | Available on Amazon

‘No one should be alone at this time of year.’

Cold and alone on the streets of Penumbra, the last thing Charlie Carroway expects is to run into Vasco Kovalev, a young soldier from Elysia who is working at a soup kitchen over the holidays.

Although they share an immediate connection, Charlie and Vasco are from different worlds. Nothing could possibly happen between them, right?

Finding himself unable to turn his back on Charlie, Vasco takes him home to the apartment he shares with Alexandra Ignatieva, the daughter of the mayor of Penumbra. With Christmas just around the corner, there is decorating to be done, fancy parties to attend, and mistletoe to negotiate. But for Charlie, who knows that happiness never lasts forever, it all seems too good to be true.

Meanwhile, dark figures from Charlie’s past are lurking in the shadows. Will Charlie make it home for Christmas? And will the spark between him and Vasco grow into something stronger? Or will he have to face the prospect of spending yet another year alone?

The Dying Light | Available on Amazon

What would you risk to save your family?

Fiercely protective Charlie Carroway thought he had left the nightmares of his childhood behind and finally found a place to call home. But when an old enemy sets their sights on his adoptive family, he learns that his dark past will be harder to outrun than he thought.

"An unflinching look at life lived from the bottom ... making for a dark fantasy like no other. If you enjoy a strong-willed protagonist with his back always against the wall, you'll love getting to know Charlie and his fledgling clan in The Dying Light." - Indies Today

Now, Charlie must make a desperate attempt to save his family, or risk losing them forever. Maybe, after all this time, Charlie has finally found a battle he cannot face alone ...

As new friendships and confusing feelings emerge, and threats close in on him from all sides, can Charlie find the courage to protect his loved ones, without losing himself?

Includes the prequel story The Swallow's Flight.

This book contains material that is not suitable for young readers.

We Become Shadows | Coming Soon

‘When you’ve lost everything, you have nothing left to lose.’

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