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Lily Rooke (they/them) is a non-binary author of trauma-informed LGBTQ+ witchy books, and CSA survivor. Lily is the author of the Bloodwitch series, and has committed to donating 100% of all proceeds from their books to charities supporting survivors, now and always.

Lily lives in Tokyo, Japan, and is currently putting the finishing touches to 'We Become Shadows', the second book in the Bloodwitch series. They write about neurodivergence and queer identities, and love to support authors writing about these themes. Typically anxious and surrounded by half-finished mugs of herbal tea, they love reading, watching anime, and experiencing the world from a safe distance.

You can connect with them on Instagram and Twitter at @lilyrookeauthor, and on TikTok at @lilyrookethebloodwitch.

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