This thing of darkness I
Acknowledge mine.

William Shakespeare, The Tempest

Lily Rooke (they/them) is a non-binary author of trauma-informed LGBTQ+ witchy books, and CSA survivor. Lily is the author of the Bloodwitch series, and has committed to donating 100% of all proceeds from their books to charities supporting survivors, now and always.

They write about neurodivergence and queer identities, and love to support authors writing about these themes. Typically anxious and surrounded by half-finished mugs of herbal tea, Lily loves reading, watching anime, and experiencing the world from a safe distance.

What would you risk to save your family?

Fiercely protective Charlie Carroway thought he had left the nightmares of his childhood behind and finally found a place to call home. But when an old enemy sets their sights on his adoptive family, he learns that his dark past will be harder to outrun than he thought.

"An unflinching look at life lived from the bottom ... making for a dark fantasy like no other. If you enjoy a strong-willed protagonist with his back always against the wall, you'll love getting to know Charlie and his fledgling clan in The Dying Light." - Indies Today

Charlie must make a desperate attempt to save his family, or risk losing them forever. Maybe, after all this time, Charlie has finally found a battle he cannot face alone ...

As new friendships and confusing feelings emerge, and threats close in on him from all sides, can Charlie find the courage to protect his loved ones, without losing himself?

Includes the prequel story The Swallow's Flight.

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